While travelling the U.S. with my wife and kids, I started this list. It is my intent to keep it updated and write status pages/posts for each as I work on them.

  • Tour the US with my wife and kids for at least one year (done)
     We finished the trip in July 2017 after being on the road for 405 nights and travelling approx 50,000 miles. I've written a short post about the trip here.

  • Develop a visualization of our US trip (in progress)
     The location list has been sanitized and I am working on route mapping. There are hundreds of locations, so I am still working on the tooling that will generate something workable. The goal is to put this online before Christmas.

  • Learn to sketch and storyboard effectively :)

  • Build a new API for gated workflow

  • Up my presentation skills by developing a class and then delivering it (in person and online)
     currently working on two - 1) for a public speaking class for youth (ages 10-17) 2) an introduction to electronics (also intended for youth)

  • Building a robot with the kids

    • The wish list is high, but we're slowing moving forward (at least with the learning :). Currently working with an Arduino (probably add a second one in the near furture). The goal was to make the robot emotive, so we're using two ~1" OLEDs to display eyes. We've been learning a lot about eye shapes.
    • We are also working with IR emitters and paired sonar for fall and obstical avoidance.
    • This Christmas/New Years, we hope to build the mobility platform. Thinking about using a small shop-vac (1-2g) as a sturdy base. The kids want treads or possibly a hybrid tread-rocker-bogie.
  • Start a blog/journal (in progress)
     Hey! That's what I'm working on right now :) I need to choose a writing goal (weekly?) to work towards. Mostly interested in tracking these projects and writing some tutorials. I have a few ideas for screencast tutorials as well. Currently working on a new theme and workflow to combine short posting and long posting in the index in an aesthetic manner.

  • Complete Wood Badge training (fall 2018?)

  • Learn to read music and perform for an audience (in progress)

  • Learn to play the cello

  • Grow an awesome beard (in progress :)

  • Write and publish a story
     I have two (maybe three) short stories I'd like to develop - would like to start this winter (2017/2018).

  • Develop a story driven board game with my kids

  • Woodworking
     I love building with wood. Once I have a shop again, I'd like to try something more refined. Maybe a convertible or standing desk

  • Design and build a modern green house
     This will be a page eventually. The intent is to build a permanent greenhouse/hot-house. Probably sunken by 3-5 feet for temperature control but with walk out double doors for ease of moving large items. And, because it's me - we'll sensor the heck out of it :)

  • Get a project to 300 stars on GitHub (in progress)
     As of this writing, xmlToJson has 157 stars. I am working on a new version based on user requests.

  • Exhibit some of my photographs

  • Build a better fantastic fan control
     The fantastic fan control in our trailer is temperature based (which can really drain the house cells). I'd like to develop a controller that allows intermittent running of the fan. e.g. 10 minutes every hour